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The unique word game that's easy to play but challenging to master. Qb is the sensational new word game which can be learned in minutes and enjoyed for years. 48 cubes with unique two-letter combinations make forming words very easy compared with traditional games based on letter tiles. Play with friends and family at home or on your travels.

It's portable. Qb is great for home and travel and no board is required. It comes with a drawstring bag for easy carriage and storage. What's more, it can be played on any small surface - even as small as the pull-down tray in a plane or a train.

It's versatile Qb can be played in several ways, both multi-player and solo. There are even competition rules for enthusiasts! With experience, players will be able to increase their score by forming several words on the word-grid, both horizontally and vertically.

And anyone can play The choice of letters and the phonic nature of the 2-letter combinations make Qb a stimulating game for players of all abilities to enjoy at their level of skill. The playing time of thirty-minutes fits busy lifestyles.

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