Dino puzzle game

Dino puzzle game

Bees Knees Littlehampton

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Product description

Keep your children’s imaginations occupied and have tons of fun with this 3D dinosaur puzzle game. 

Featuring 3D Pieces, this game will test your children's creativity when completing the overall selected dinosaur. 

How To Play

To play the 3D Dinosaurs Puzzle Game, you must first layout all the dino pieces face down on a flat surface and memorise the shape sequence sheet for 10 seconds. Nominate a player to go first, and that player chooses one dino part. All players should choose one dino part.

  • 33 Pieces included. 
  • Mix & match shaped dino characters. 
  • Suitable for 3+. 
  • Finished dino size approx: 21.5 x 18cm. 

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