Gift Kids Children Doctor Nurse Toys Medical Set Role Play Kit Hard Carry Bag 3+

Bees Knees Littlehampton

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Provide hours of role plays!

Your child will be delighted with our play doctor kit.
Everything stores neatly in a carry cass which was convient for gather up every pcs together.
LET YOUR LITTLE ONE TAKE CARE OF OTHERS - encourage their imagination as they learn to help and develop concern with others, treating their little friends or stuffed animals.

They may have the idea of become a real doctor in future.

GIVE THEM CONFIDENCE FOR THEIR NEXT DOCTOR VISIT - help them feel in control and confident when they go to the doctor by being able to play and become comfortable with the doctor’s tools.

Ease their fears by letting them practice what the real doctor does.

Package Includes:

17 pieces Medical set (included a backpack box)

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