Mighty beanz track plus surprise beanz capsule

Bees Knees Littlehampton

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  • Mighty Beanz are Mighty unstoppable!
  • Flip it. Trick it down the track!
  • Trick piece & games booklet
  • Includes exclusive bean
  • Why don't you invite your friends to race their Mighty Beanz with yours?

Mighty Beanz Flip Track - Blue Series 1 Description

"Roll up and join the team, say hello to Mighty Beanz! The collectable Beanz that come alive! They flip, they tip, they roll and topple. Mighty Beanz are Mighty unstoppable! TheyÂ’re the Beanz with the face that you can race! Get your game face on and challenge your friends to a Flip Track battle. Take your handy Flip Track anywhere and show off your Mighty Beanz balance and skills. Flip and trick your Mighty Bean down the track. Each Flip Track has a unique challenge to master! The Flip Track folds up so you can store your Mighty Bean. Clip the Flip Track to your belt so you are ready for action. Each Track comes with one exclusive Mighty Bean, one trick piece and one games booklet full of cool games and challenges!"


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