Shaving foam soap loaf

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Shaving Soap offers a rich, thick lather full of fragrance to suit everyone. Whether that be natural ingredients for sensitive skin or an intense perfume.  Shaving Soap offers an excellent protection to skin ready for your shave and assist the razor blade glide across your skin with minimal discomfort such as razor bumps or razor burn.
A quality Shaving Soap will generally contain the ingredient glycerin, which is derived from vegetable oil. This is vital for locking in water and keeping the skin hydrated and provides moisture during your shave, as well as helping the soap soften the skin and facial hair.
The shaving soap is really simple to use – just lather up as if you were going to wash and instead of rinsing, shave! 
Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free, no animal testing

Sold per 100g slice 

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