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Water Wubble Refillable Water Balloons - 6 Pack

Product Description:

Water Wubble balls are amazing refillable water balloons!

The revolutionary design allows them to be filled easily and used over and over. The easy-fill valve allows for filling by just pressing up to the tap, holding under running water or filling from swimming pools, or any other body of water. 

Water Wubble balls are reusable - so there’s no need to waste time running around your garden picking up all those broken water balloon pieces. It seals itself so no more struggling to fill and tie water balloons.


• Water balloon fights will never be the same!
• Fill them over and over and over
• They splash but don’t pop!
• Easy fill - n
o tying
• Ages 6+
• Balloons can be filled in may ways
• One set takes the place of hundreds of regular water balloons.

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